Lisa Kepinski

Image of GDIB Expert Panelist, Lisa KepinskiLisa brings over 20 years’ experience working in diverse, global environments in Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), Staffing, Learning & Development, and PR/Communications.  Lisa has been a senior Global Diversity & Inclusion executive with AXA, Microsoft, & Hewlett-Packard setting strategic direction internationally.  In 2013, Lisa founded, and is the CEO of, the Inclusion Institute focused on consultancy, training, coaching & research.  Her special expertise in organizational development integrated with inclusive culture make her a unique resource for change at all levels, from the individual to the systems level.  She now partners with organizations on how to successfully achieve their goals for creating a more inclusive culture for sustainable business growth.  Lisa has been for years on the advisory boards of Catalyst Europe and WIN, was a founding member of a European-based Global D&I Network (now at 60+ D&I heads from multinationals), and has been a faculty member for the Conference Board’s D&I Academy.  Lisa is currently co-authoring (with Tinna Nielsen) a book on ‘Inclusion Nudges’, writing culture change articles, teaching a course on OD skills for culture change, and conducting a study of D&I practitioners’ change strategies and a study on effective external events engagement strategies.  Lisa has lived in 5 countries and travelled extensively in her global roles.  She was born and educated in the US (with degrees in Social Psychology and Socio-Linguistics), has worked in Europe for nearly 15 years, and lives in Germany and the US.

Skype:  lkepinski