GDIB Seattle Launch Event—Wait List Only

When we said the Seattle GDIB Launch was hot in the last newsletter, we discovered it was “hotter” than we thought! Within in 2.5 days after the Promotional Sponsors sent the first round of invitations on August 15, the Seattle Launch “sold out”! That meant 200 people registered for the free event almost immediately and to date, 160 people have signed on to the wait list.

The Seattle GDIB Launch event is scheduled for Wednesday evening, September 27, 2017, 5:30 to 9:00 pm. The planning team is currently working with Google, the Venue and Platinum Sponsor, to expand the seating capacity, although space will continue to be limited due to the break out spaces available. Those on the wait list will be notified if there is space for them to attend. Therefore, please continue to register at

In addition to Google, the Launch Event is sponsored by Outreach, the Gold Sponsor, Boeing Employees Credit Union, the Bronze Sponsor, and Zillow has signed on as the Silver Sponsor. All GDIB Launches are also sponsored by The Diversity Collegium and The Forum on Workplace Inclusion.

Promotional Sponsors include DiverseCityLLC, ReBoot Accel – Career Accelerator for Women, Executive Development Institute, Artemis Connection Strategists, CCDI, LinkedSeattle, Global Peaceful Paths, Uniquely HR,, figure 8 CONSULTING, HR West 2018, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, The Bright Group, adaQuest, Henderworks, Inc., Housing Development Consortium, Insperity, NW Diversity Learning Series, and Eastside Race & Leadership Coalition!

The planning team includes Steven Matly, SM Diversity, a leader in D&I staffing and recruitment and D&I events and workshops, including the well-attended D&I Hackathons in Seattle; Effenus Henderson and Barbara Deane (EP), co-directors of the Institute for Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion that presents the 19 year-long NW Diversity Learning Series; Donna Stringer (EP), Cross-Cultural Consultant, one of the top authors of intercultural training materials and a respected D&I consultant, and Terry Loving of Linked:Seattle, for executives and business owners, the largest Seattle group on LinkedIn.

The first hour of the event (the Program) includes an overview of the GDIB by Randall Lane, GDIB Expert Panelist (EP), Cisco (Ret.) and Barbara Deane, EP, followed by a panel representing four sectors: CORPORATE: Traci Fuller, Global D&I Manager, The Boeing Company; HIGHER ED: Michael Benitez, Jr., Ph.D., CDO and Dean of D&I, University of Puget Sound; NOT-FOR-PROFIT: Marty Kooistra, Exec. Director, Housing Development Consortium; GOVERNMENT: Ken Wong, Administrator, Teen Programs, City of Redmond (GDIB user)

The event’s agenda has four parts:

5:30 pm – 6:00 pm :: Registration, networking, & cool food

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm :: The Program with speakers and sectors’ panel

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm :: 15 Breakout Sessions (Captains share their stories of D&I work in organizations and facilitate lots of dialogue)

  1. Inclusive Leadership in Disruptive Times, Effenus Henderson, ISDI
  2. How to Craft a D&I Strategy, Venus Rekow, Neural Shifts
  3. A Culture of Belonging: ERGs as Venues for Dialogue & Growth, Cindy, Ogasawara, Gates Foundation
  4. D&I in Workplace Planning and Performance, Tammy Pitre, WA State Office of Financial Management
  5. Grassroots Diversity. The Art of Thinking Independently Together, Amanda Townsend & Kim Weed, Outreach
  6. Leaders Have a Role in Women Leaders’ Success, Mikaela Kiner, Uniqely HR
  7. Changing Outcomes for Recruitment & Retention With Intention and Continuous Improvement, Carrie McNally, Seattle Police Dept
  8. Recruiting for Diversity, Kyle Schnell & Jennifer Daniel, BECU
  9. (Re)Imagining Race Based Conversations, Joy Wiggins, Global Peaceful Paths Toi Sing Woo
  10. The Pick and Roll to Change: Using Basketball as a Metaphor to Progress Diversity in the Workplace, Cindi Bright, The Bright Group
  11. The D&I-Sustainability Bridge: How Can Effective D&I Advance Performance on Material Issues? Sun McElderry, Framework LLC
  12. Ensuring D&I Success: Essential Elements Not To Overlook, Christy Johnson, Artemis
  13. How National Coverage of the Hate Movement Affects Bigotry at Work, at Home, and in Communities, Lonnie Lusardo, The Diversity Collaborative
  14. Title TBD, Michael Villanueva (waiting for affiliation)
  15. TBD

8:00 pm – 9:00 pm ::  Attendee Feedback: what folks have learned, what they’ll take back to their organizations, Q&A, and explore potential next steps

We will follow up in October and let you know how it all went!

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