NBA D&I Playbook Based on GDIB

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has provided its 30 North American men’s basketball teams with a “Playbook on D&I” based in part on the GDIB.  Melissa Palarea, Associate Director, Diversity & Inclusion, says “We adapted the GDIB by excerpting the categories that correspond to the eight areas of focus within our integrated strategic approach to D&I: vision and strategy, measurement and accountability, talent life cycle, communications, fan experience, community engagement and social responsibility, inclusive culture, and supplier diversity.”  She explained that the Playbook was given to each team in a training program.  Oris Stuart, Senior Vice President and CDIO and a member of The Centre’s Global Advisory Board, adds: “Diversity and inclusion are core values of the NBA. The Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks have been an invaluable tool as we work to further integrate D&I into our efforts across all three of our leagues and at each of our teams. The GDIB provide a clear view for each enterprise to see where it is currently on the continuum and what to work on to improve and reach the next level.”

For additional information, contact:
Melissa Palarea
+ 1 212/407-8572

For information about customizing the GDIB for your needs, please sign the permission agreement and contact:
Julie O’Mara
+1 702-541-8920

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