Diversity and Inclusion Measurement and Assessment


There is every reason to talk about the future of our D&I field when so much is happening so fast in the world. The recent Brexit and Trump victories are now unfolding in interesting ways, and it may well be that the “populist” nationalism that they reflect is going to take a U-turn. At the heart of D&I is the concept of connectivity, the notion that as the world is “shrinking,” more and more connections are possible today and will expand in the future …

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“The GDIB was critical in crafting the County of San Diego’s D&I strategic plan and are now proving invaluable as we have moved into the implementation phase. The GDIB is a powerful resource for any organization, including municipal governments seeking resources to assist them in their D&I journey.”

Joe Cordero
Director, Office of Compliance and Ethics
County of San Diego
San Diego, California, USA

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