Achieving Results: D&I Actions with Impact.

“A stuck pattern is emerging.  Seven in ten respondents to a survey conducted by Newsweek Vantage: Achieving Results: D&I Actions with Impact, say the topic is clearly visible on the strategy of their organization.  Still, just two in five express that they are on track to achieve their D&I goals … and just a minority of those off track say they ‘could be doing more to support D&I.’” GDIB newsletter readers participated in the survey and many of our GDIB Expert Panelists, users and colleagues give examples of what to do. The report is free.  Expert Panelist Lisa Kepinski  and colleague, Veronika Hucke, conducted the survey and co-authored this report that provides many tips.

In the Executive Summary Lisa and Veronika offer Three Insights for Effective Outcomes.

  1. Drive as Any Other Change Process – Organizations that have a comprehensive change process are much more likely to be on track with their D&I goals
  2. Consider the Actions You Take – Organizations successfully driving D&I efforts have a focus on creating systemic change vs. stand-along activities
  3. Embrace Business Opportunities – Organizations not leveraging diversity for outreach and innovation miss out on key benefits of a diverse and inclusive organization.

The report is filled with insightful statistics, graphics, quotes, and many practical suggestions.  It is ideal for circulating to your leaders, council members, ERGs and others.

Look for insights provided by these GDIB colleagues:

•  Page 6:  Katherine Phillips, Professor at Columbia University, New York City, USA

•  Page 10: Nadia Younes, International Monetary Fund, Washington DC, USA

•  Page 17: Nia Joynson-Romanzina, iCubed—Innovation, Inclusion, Interaction, Switzerland

•  Page 17:  Elisabeth Kelan, Professor of Leadership in the School of Management at Cranfield University, UK

•  Page 24:  Steve Humerickhouse, The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, Minneapolis, MN, USA

•  Page 24:  Bill Proudman, White Men as Full Diversity Partners (WMFDP), Portland, OR, USA

•  Page 26: Ralph de Chabert, Brown-Forman, Louisville, KY, USA

•  Page 28:  Julie O’Mara, The Centre for Global Inclusion, Las Vegas, NV, USA

To download the full report (it’s free) go here

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