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Greg Jenkins!

Research. Education. Solutions.

Image of Greg JenkinsIt was just a little over a month ago when we invited Expert Panelists, friends and select users of the GDIB to help us with the task of creating a tagline for The Centre. We went on to receive a total of 61 entries from 17 different participants within the course of a week.

On July 25, Greg Jenkins of Greg Jenkins Consulting entered a total of 18 submissions for our new tagline contest, and while there were more than a few strong contenders, one stood out above all the rest. “Research, Educate, Shift” was the original entry. It was number 16 on the list and it resonated most with the deciding members of The Centre Circle.

One of its strongest selling points was its call to research and education—the core of our mission. In addition to its spot on messaging was its simplicity. In just three words, we had a succinct (all-be-it, general) list of steps to our process, a mantra to repeat to get us through the day and honestly, just a good way to approach a number of life’s challenges in general.

Greg describes himself as a “Service Disabled Veteran who loves serving as a dedicated and passionate diversity & inclusion (D&I) consultant, trainer, facilitator and mentor. I’m a life-long learner of diversity, inclusion, leadership and culture, and I care about helping people and organizations learn and grow in order to become higher performing. I love what I do!” When we contacted Greg about his winning entry, he had this to say:

“Julie & Alan, I thank you, and the wonderful [expert panelists] who’s vision, hard work and insights I’ve admired for many years.  It’s an honor to be included in such impressive company.  I look forward to [the] next steps and am glad we have a new tagline.  Onward and upward!”

We here at The Centre would like to thank all of you who contributed tagline suggestions—we had a hard time deciding but it was fun sorting through the choices and further solidifying the core values of The Centre brand.

We also need to thank the authors and prize donators for the contest;  Bev Kaye, Mary-Frances Winters, Charlotte Sweeney & Fleur Bothwick, and Ilene Wasserman and Beth Fisher-Yoshida.

Once again, thanks to all who participated!