W3W Web Accessibility Initiative

Image of a computer keyboard with accessible symbol on the "enter" key

The Centre for Global Inclusion strives to make all pertinent information on this website accessible according to the guidelines provided by the W3W Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). The WAI a worldwide initiative to make the Web more accessible for persons with disabilities, which is a critically important D&I goal.

Generally, the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB), follows the guidelines provided by the WAI. While the GDIB has been designed with accessibility in mind, there is still some work to do. For that reason and for further accommodation, we have also provided an Alternate Format version. Additionally, you may notice the new universal icon for accessibility located in the upper left hand corner of our site. This is a clickable button visitors with disabilities may push to assist with altering The Centre site in such a way that is more accommodating. Settings like font size, underlined links, and color contrasts may be controlled here.

Please contact us should you come across an issue (especially as far as accessibility is concerned), with the GDIB or it’s home, The Centre for Global Inclusion. We are open to comments and suggestions on ways to improve and better serve the the mission for Global Inclusion.

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