“GDIB has been used by a wide variety of our clients to help them assess how to build on past successes and provide a road map for areas that need to be strengthened.  It is an excellent tool for any size organization and is a great vehicle for organizations who are just beginning to design their D&I approach, or those who have achieved a significant amount and want to determine their next steps. I have also seen it used as a conversation vehicle for senior leaders who want to truly learn from one another.  I recommend it highly.”


Dr. Beverly Kaye
Founder, Chairwoman
Career Systems International
Co-Author: Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em
Sherman Oaks, California, USA

 “The GDIB is the most comprehensive tool I have found that provides practices, policies and actions to create a truly inclusive environment. It helps measure the D&I work currently being done to the highest levels of diversity work in institutions around the world.”


Kelli McLoud-Schingen
KMS Intercultural Consulting
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

“The GDIB is an invaluable resource to understand diversity and inclusion in a global, holistic way.  It provides a blueprint for organizations to comprehensively assess their current state and develop strategies to create inclusive cultures where everyone is able to flourish and add value.”


Mary-Frances Winters
President and CEO
The Winters Group, Inc.
Greater Washington DC, USA

“The GDIB is a powerful enabler of  strategic conversations and an effective planning tool to create an inclusive culture in organisations. It empowers practitioners and leaders to see the broader landscape and potential impact of D&I on the bottom line. Its focus on staff, government, and community and the recent addition of the sustainability category makes it work brilliantly as a multi stakeholder mapping tool for sustainability in D&I strategies.”


Nene Molefi
Managing Director
Mandate Molefi
Johannesburg, South Africa

“The GDIB helps organizations get past the superficial trap of the Four Fs: Food, Fun, Fiesta, and Fetish, to be able to realize a more holistic, meaningful, and professional D&I strategy.”


Jason D. Mak
D&I Manager
Office of Equity & Multicultural Services
Oregon Department of Human Services
Salem, Oregon, USA

“Diversity and inclusion encompass so many different dimensions and elements that there is a great need to provide proven standards and requirements that can clarify what D&I means in practice.  The GDIB fills this need brilliantly and advances the whole D&I field.”


Steve Piersanti
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Oakland, California, USA

“The GDIB has provided us with a common language and actionable framework that has helped us pursue and measure our inclusion & diversity goals. We view the GDIB as invaluable to our discussions and decision making.”


Bryce Tache
Director of Inclusion & Diversity
Iron Mountain
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

“The GDIB provide both a roadmap for getting started on D&I efforts and a guide for evaluating an existing D&I program to guide continuous improvement.  The model addresses what’s needed for successful organizational change: foundational aspects for developing strategy, internal organizational systems, external environmental factors, and coordinating processes to monitor and sustain.  In each area, indicators provide a fact-based assessment of the current status of an organization’s D&I work. In my experience, it’s the best framework now available for comprehensive assessment and guidance of the management of D&I.”


Rosemary Hays-Thomas, PhD, SPHR
Author, Managing Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
Professor Emerita, University of West Florida
Pensacola, Florida, USA

“Diversity and inclusion are core values of the NBA. The Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks have been an invaluable tool as we work to further integrate D&I into our efforts across all three of our leagues and at each of our teams. The GDIB provide a clear view for each enterprise to see where it is currently on the continuum and what to work on to improve and reach the next level.”

Oris Stuart
Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
New York, NY, USA

“The GDIB is a tremendous resource with multiple applications. From strategic planning to tactical development, to assessing progress and setting goals, to an easy to read yet substantive source for educating and engaging people in the work of Diversity & Inclusion. The GDIB has evolved over the past decade to remain current as well as to provide forward-looking content for what is possible for sustainable, comprehensive and effective D&I strategies.”


Michael Wheeler
President and Founder
GD&I Enterprises and The Diversity Performance Factors Project (DPFs™)
New York, New York, USA

“One of the great features of the GDIB is that I can show business partners specific examples of best practices that are globally relevant in a wide variety of areas based on the needs of the business.  The Expert Panelists are peerless which, due to their competence, provides great confidence in the rigor and the reliability of the statements within each of the areas.  The GDIB continues to be updated which again provides business leaders great certainly of the currency and salience of the best-in-class behaviors.  The GDIB is my ‘go to’ guide and I greatly appreciate the efforts of the dedicated professionals that make it a reality.”


Eric Ahlness
Global Lead — Business Resource Groups
Cargill, Inc.
Wayzata, Minnesota, USA

“The GDIB is a practical guide for leaders across a variety of business functions looking for behaviorally explicit answers to the question “What do you want me to do?” It is an excellent resource to leaders well beyond Diversity & Inclusion practitioners.”

Nadia Younes
Diversity & Inclusion Advisor
International Monetary Fund
Washington, DC, USA

“The GDIB allowed me to examine the necessary components to build a D&I strategy and long-term roadmap.  Our plans have built-in signposts that indicate when we’d arrive as a best in class company in Diversity & Inclusion.  I like having a clear sense of purpose and direction.”

Kim Camacho
Director of Diversity & Inclusion
AECOM Design & Consulting Services Americas
Arlington, Virginia, USA

“The GDIB benchmarking data provided our company with both local and global insights that have informed our strategies and initiatives worldwide.  Further, we’re able to leverage an amalgam of information across a multitude of industries and determine how we can best leverage the research for the life science industry.   The GDIB is a well–researched pathway for global organizations committed to inclusive cultures.”


Nancy J. Di Dia  
Head, Americas Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement
Boehringer Ingelheim
Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA

“We found the GDIB to be a strong learning tool that our organization has used to help us work towards our commitments around equity, diversity and inclusion.”


Sue Hildick 
President of Foundations for a Better Oregon/Chalkboard Project
Portland, Oregon, USA

“RBC believes diversity & inclusion is an engine for innovation and economic prosperity. By actively using our diversity, we better develop ideas and people.  The GDIB is a great tool that can help assess current and future D&I capabilities and opportunities.”


Norma Tombari

” The GDIB provides invaluable, practical information to support the case to include Diversity and Inclusivity as a key component in meeting the strategic priorities of the organization. Our goal is to have an environment where all of ‘Our People’ feel engaged and motivated to sustain a fair and equitable place for us to work and volunteer, and for our patients to receive care. For a topic that is so diverse and broad, GDIB has managed to provide answers to many questions and has provided a tool that I will refer to time and time again.”

Val Bennett, CVRM, CHRL
Manager, Community Resources, Spiritual Care & Diversity
Southlake Regional Health Centre

“As the concept of bottom line impact expands from 3P (People, Planet, Profit) to 5P (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership), organisations realise that inclusivity is the road to sustainable growth for greater good of society. The unique value proposition of GDIB is that it provides comprehensive check lists which promote line of sight between operational procedures and the organisation’s sustainability.”

Zahid Mubarik, SHRM-SCP, GPHR, SPHRi
CEO, HR Metrics
President, SHRM Forum Pakistan
Member ISO TC 260 HR Standards
Islamabad, Pakistan

“The GDIB is a fundamental tool for any organization that is serious about creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. It lays out clearly the scope of work and what success looks like through the 14 areas and critical benchmarks. Developed by experts around the globe through a rigorous process, it provides a comprehensive framework for success.”


Judith H. Katz, Ed.D.
Executive Vice President
The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc.
Washington, DC, USA

“The GDIB is a great tool to telescope from the macro to micro context when there are specific concerns or issues that must be reconciled.”


Cynthia H. Love, Ed.D.
Executive Director
ACPA — College Student Educators International
Washington, DC, USA

“The GDIB helps organizations get past the superficial trap of the Four Fs: Food, Fun, Fiesta, and Fetish, to be able to realize a more holistic, meaningful, and professional D&I strategy.”


Jason D. Mak
D&I Manager
Office of Equity & Multicultural Services
Oregon Department of Human Services
Salem, Oregon, USA

“The GDIB was critical in crafting the County of San Diego’s D&I strategic plan and are now proving invaluable as we have moved into the implementation phase. The GDIB is a powerful resource for any organization, including municipal governments seeking resources to assist them in their D&I journey.”


Joe Cordero
Director, Office of Compliance and Ethics
County of San Diego
San Diego, California, USA