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May E. Snowden, MBA, MPA

May E. Snowden, MBA, MPA

May Snowden is a Senior Fellow in Human Capital and Program Director for two councils of The Conference Board:  The Global Diversity & Inclusion Executives Council and the Diversity & Inclusion Leaders Council II.  Snowden also serves as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Practice Lead for Career Partners International-Austin.  As an affiliate of The Conference Board, ThomasLeland, FutureWork Institute, Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc., and Diversity Breakthroughs, Snowden brings more than 30 years of experience leading initiatives that strengthen corporate cultures and brand identification while improving relations with customers, vendors, and the community.  Snowden is an independent diversity and inclusion strategist, professional facilitator, consultant, educator, speaker, and executive coach. She inspires corporate leaders to articulate a global diversity and inclusion vision, mission, and strategy that is embedded in the business.   

In November of 2007, Snowden & Associates was launched because of her passion for producing return on investment from diverse and inclusive leadership, and her commitment to developing new conscious awareness around the thoughts, beliefs, and actions that lead to justice and equity among people.  Snowden also serves as a life coach to foster personal growth and consciousness, get results, and provide a structure that will serve people for a fulfilling life that they love.   

Snowden is a nationally recognized diversity and inclusion “voice” with significant experience as a C-level human resources leader with major P&L operating experience.  She has delivered world class HR strategies and diversity initiatives and reengineered organizations to improve efficiency and productivity, while reducing costs.  

In her career, Snowden served as the VP of Global Diversity for Starbucks Coffee Company, Chief Diversity Officer for Eastman Kodak Company and Executive Director of Diversity for U S WEST.  Snowden also has senior-level experience as a corporate relations liaison with state and local governments and the US Senate.    

Snowden received her undergraduate degree in business from the University of Maryland at College Park, and holds a Master of Executive Business Administration and Master of Public Administration degrees from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Snowden is also certified by Brave Thinking Institute as a Life Mastery Consultant.   


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