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Strategic Alliances


The Centre for Global Inclusion seeks alliances with organizations with missions, goals, and operations in alignment with The Center's mission:  to serve as a resource for research and education for individuals and organizations in their quest to improve diversity and inclusion practices around the world. 

We aim to have a global network that creates local impact. An alliance serves as a vehicle to amplify the impact of the Centre for Global Inclusion and the organizations we partner with. Alliances formed reflect our 2022-25 Strategic Plan — a global strategy to address issues that are relevant today in the form of human rights, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), mental health, and developing a safe space for the people who need their voices to be heard. 

What does an alliance look like?

An alliance with The Centre for Global Inclusion can come in various mediums. Some ways of support could be: featuring each other's logos on websites, attending events such as webinars and conferences, sharing important information and developments, featuring partnerships in newsletters or communications materials, and maintaining an open line of communication to discuss other methods of mutual aid.