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Issue: 30 October, 2019
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The Troubles of Our World-
We Support Our Colleagues
Book Review: Turning the Page
on Intercultural Research
GDIB French Translation
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GDIB Events in Chile
D & I Leaders
Global Forum 2020
The Forum on
Workplace Inclusion 2020
Editorial by: Julie O'Mara, 
President & Board Chair, The Centre for Global Inclusion
As I finish writing this newsletter I am both troubled and encouraged by the challenges of our world. I am trying hard to be positive and I am glad that so many of us are dedicated to advocating for the development of the values and behaviours of diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am proud that we have taken this path as our work – for many of us it is both our personal and professional cause. I feel it is the most important work we can do. It touches on so many other areas: climate change, economic disparity, decolonization, slavery, immigration, bullying, identity disparities and many, many others. For the most part we do our work well – yes, we can get better and that is the mission of The Centre – but we have and continue to contribute to the well-being of society. For that we can be proud. I see the GDIB and our work with the DEI FUTURES Initiative as our contribution to making our world a better place. There are days when I wake up and want to give up and then I think of all of you and try a little harder.   
Best regards to our colleagues in Chile, Pakistan, England/the EU, the NBA/China, and all other places where it seems especially challenging at the moment. We aren’t giving up on supporting our events and work there despite the current troubles. We are choosing to support our partners in those areas until and if they suggest otherwise. As you know the GDIB is used around the world and we like to think that it helps others know “what good DEI work looks like.” It sets the standard for high quality. 

Julie O’Mara. 
GDIB Expert Panelist George Simons  reviews  Cross-Cultural Management: With Insights from Brain Science  by Mai Nguyen-Phuong-Mai  

The following review was written for Amazon and shared with newsletter readers by GDIB Expert Panelist George Simons.   
Here is a quote from George’s review: “ The agenda is formidable. Going forward, there is much to unpack, explore and try out as we root ourselves in our new sense of human integrity. At the same time, we become alert to the power of investigative neurobiology and psychological ventures that will more and more involve artificial intelligence and elements that have already begun to “hack” our human systems. We see a potential for great good, health and new potential as well as possibilities for manipulation, control and exploitation.” 
Interculturalists are familiar with the range of approaches to culture in the social sciences and the intercultural field itself. Many of us started with the rather positivist and essentialist studies that provided initial insights, first best guesses into the behavior of cultural groups, but were also a slippery slope in the direction of bias and stereotyping. Subsequently, we have been turning our attention toward the iconic, memes, linguistic, performative and social constructionist approaches and storytelling as elements and theories for understanding and using culture, as well as teaching about it and applying it to the challenges we face. These can often show up as disparate and unintegrated perspectives. 
It really is finished. And an Advanced Copy is available upon request. We would like to welcome a few more sponsors to help us fund the translation and ongoing support before finalizing. Please contact   if you are able to sponsor.  

So far we have these sponsors:
And also thank you to these volunteers for their time and energy and work on the translation: 

•  Nadia Gouy  and Stéphane Patry  of The City of Montréal  
 Melana Borovich , Project Manager 
• Reviewers:  Dominic Fortin , Brigitte Morel , Grant Douglas , Claire Philippe Soumia Ben Amar , Deanna Matzanke  and Pablo de Chica Natalie Lutz , Brigitte Rabéjac , and Lynda White
As soon as we have a few more sponsors we will add this translation to The Centre website along with instructions for downloading and printing and a Permission Agreement in French. And we will provide a French translation of the Assessment Checklist to all Permission Agreement signers upon request. 
Many thank you’s to Stéphane and Nadia (she was an intern, who has now moved on to another assignment) at the City of Montreal. On September 27 they conducted a one-day event to announce the French translation availability to 54 municipalities of the Province of Quebec. It turned out that it was the same day as the Climate Change March that was scheduled at the last minute featuring activist Greta Thunberg. As a result of the uncertainty of the crowds, only 10 of the 54 municipalities attended the event at the City. Stéphane said “I think it was a great day for the city and many young adults on the issue of climate change. I will have other occasions to present the French version of the GDIB. After presenting the GDIB to those who attended, we asked the participants to proceed with an exercise on Category 4: recruitment, retention, development, and advancement. It appeared that the GDIB was not known by the D&I specialists present and the reaction was very positive. I explained how I intend to use the French version of the GDIB with groups of employees in the next months to help the city revise its D&I strategy. The GDIB will no doubt be useful to many D&I practitioners, like me, since there is a lack of interesting benchmarking material on D&I in French.”
On November 19th, 20th, and 21st our GDIB (Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks) Alliance colleagues -- Alejandra González Landeros and Claudia Pérez Müller -- Senior Consultants in D&I -- are planning several events in Chile. They are open to anyone in the world with a special focus on organizations in Chile and Latin America.  
Featured speakers and workshop leaders are: EP  Barbara Deane , Institute for Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion, Seattle, Washington, USA, and EP  Cathy Gallagher-Louisy , CCDI – Canadian Centre for D&I, Toronto, CANADA. Barbara will be representing The Centre for Global Inclusion and Cathy will be representing The Canadian Centre for D&I, which is an Alliance of The Centre for Global Inclusion.  
To see a YouTube video about the event, go HERE . It is in Spanish and very informative. 
For more information regarding these events, go to:   
For the agenda and specific event information click  here to view the brochure  or contact the event planners at: .  
If you know of any individuals or groups that maybe interested in attending, please pass this announcement along. 
Join with 250 leaders to learn from over 40 D&I speakers. See partial topic list below and list of speakers and conference activities on their website. Centre Board member and GDIB Expert Panelist Charlotte Sweeney is chairing the event. A few other Centre / GDIB colleagues involved are (apologies if we’ve forgotten someone): Sari Brody, IKEA; Veronika Hucke, D&I Strategy and Solutions; Lisa Kepinski  Inclusion Nudges; Natalie Sigona, BAE Systems; and Gamiel Yafai, Diversity Marketplace.  

The GDIB is pleased to be a sponsor of this conference.

Go here  for more information and to register.

  • Embedding D&I in to your corporate DNA
  • Creating impact internally & externally through strategic partnerships
  • Engaging and developing ambassadors to help accelerate D&I
  • The evolving role of the D&I Leader
  • How to engage men as full partners in creating gender-inclusive workplaces
  • Effectively communicating your diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Building an age friendly workplace where older workers thrive
  • Overcoming the global challenges around employee data and declaration
  • Creating a D&I revolution by rethinking your leadership model
  • How to create belonging for employees working apart
  • Racial micro-incivilities and the impact on employee wellbeing and performance
  • Taking an activist approach to LGBT+ global inclusion
  • Experiences of establishing employee ERGs in EMEA and non-EMEA countries
Facing Forward, March 10 – 12, 2020
Registration Opens December 2019
For 32 years, The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® – or  The Forum  for short – has operated as an organization offering a wide variety of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) events, programs, and resources to businesses, professionals, and/or individuals looking to grow professional leadership and effectiveness skills.

This three-day flagship event,  The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® annual conference  is a premier learning opportunity at the cutting-edge of the DEI landscape. And is the nation’s largest workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) conference designed for a national & global audience.

Dates: March 10, 11, 12, 2020.
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55403.
Cost: Visit the  Conference Rates  page.

 Go  here  for additional information about the program and registration.
Free Multicultural Calendar
GDIB Expert Panelist, Barbara Deane offers a free monthly multicultural calendar via Diversity Central.

DEI Futures Project,
Future Trend Cards
A collection of future trends is being curated and posted regularly by GDIB Expert Panelist Margaret Regan .
Our GDIB Expert Panelists are the thinkers and contributors behind the GDIB. They have contributed to the development of our latest editions, guide us in preparing for the next update, and serve as strategic partners. This month we feature these four:
Lisa Kepinski 
Dianne Hoffner Saphiere
Adam Travis
Lillian Tsai 
Please send us information if you are presenting on the GDIB (or including it in a presentation – even a short mention) at a conference or workshop that is open to the public. See the User Tools section of the website for slides and handouts you can use. Please let us know if you are attending any of the conferences so we can make connections. And please spread the word about these sessions to your networks.

SIETAR USA Conference
October 30-November 2, 2019
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Connecting D & I
November 19-21, 2019
Santiago, CHILE

D & I Leaders Global Forum

January 28-29, 2020
London, UK


March 2-5, 2020
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Forum on Workplace Inclusion

March 10-12, 2020
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Listed here are programs offered by GDIB Expert Panelists and Alliances. Many are offered numerous times on an ongoing basis. While these courses may not be specifically about the GDIB, the content will be helpful in achieving many of the GDIB benchmarks. If you are an Expert Panelist or Alliance and offer programs open to the public, please let us know and we will list here.
Training & Education
courses including
by The Winters Group
Recent Webinars
multiple topics
by Inclusion Allies Coalition
Events & Webinars
multiple topics
 by CCDI
Unconscious Bias
courses including
 by Cook Ross
If you want to use the GDIB in conference presentations, blogs, articles, chapters and so forth, we will support by providing slides, handouts, and ideas. Go to our site and explore. We’ve put a lot of effort into providing these resources. Please help by adding to what we offer.
Developing A
DEI Vision & Strategy
Study: Minority Workers
Avoided by Biased Managers

Sponsorship Opportunities
We hope you are able to join with us to meet our mission --  to   serve as a resource for research and education for individuals and organizations in their quest to improve diversity and inclusion practices around the world.   There are specific sponsorship opportunities such as research projects for the Global D&I Benchmarks especially as we prepare for the 2021 (our 4th update) edition; D&I research in general; our DEI Futures Initiative; development of user tools; translations; strengthening our website and its accessibility; conducting events all over the world; unrestricted funds; an expert directory and other ideas. We welcome your ideas as well.

Special Request to GDIB Users
As you know the GDIB is free to users upon signing the permission agreement. We are getting ready to update the GDIB and seek sponsors for this update. The GDIB is free to use AND we ask that users in the past or current users make a special effort to become a sponsor. In exchange we will include your organization logo and/or name on the 2021 edition and the website. Funds are needed now and on an ongoing basis to support the research and publishing of the 2021 edition. It will continue to be available to all for free — that will not change. However, if at all possible and if you or your organization is benefiting from the free GDIB please contact us about sponsoring.
Thank you very much.
in upcoming editions of the GDIB Newsletter
About the free GDIB: The GDIB— Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World —helps organizations of all sizes, in a variety of sectors and industries, using a variety of approaches to D&I work to achieve high-quality D&I outcomes. First published in 2006, the 2017 edition is authored by Julie O’Mara, Alan Richter, Ph.D., and 95 Expert Panelists. It is presented by The Centre for Global Inclusion. The GDIB and its User Tools are free and may be downloaded at The Centre site .
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