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In this issue.
• SAVE THESE 2018 DATES, BUDGET, CONSIDER SPONSORING THESE EVENTS: Global Diversity Day, Free GDIB Launch and major research event. Check inside newsletter for info and dates.
• Editorial -- Contributing to a Better Society and Being on the Right Side of History by Julie O'Mara
• Examples of achievement of Best Practice Benchmarks from UC Berkeley and learnings from advertising missteps - 13.2, 13.5, 13.7, 13.9
• Sponsorship and Donation Opportunities -- events, Spanish edition, French edition, accessibility and others.
• EP Barbara Deane receives GDIB VANGUARD AWARD
• EPs Tanya Cruz Teller and Nene Molefi build a social matrix using the GDIB at the International OD Association Conference in Capetown, South Africa
• EPs Lynda White and Nene Molefi and a global team to orchestrate special day-long NEW event -- Global Diversity Day -- at the Forum on Workplace Inclusion Conference.

• New 2017 GDIB available to download. Free assessment checklist may be requested by permission agreement signers.
• Report on learnings from launch event at
September 27th. A huge success with lots of learning to share.
• Do you want to sponsor a launch event? Attend? Be involved in some way?
• Possibilities of Launch Events upcoming in
--  Johannesburg, South Africa
--  New York -- Tentative date set April 16, 2018. Do you want to plan, present, sponsor????
--  Orange County, California
--  Philadelphia
--  Pittsburgh
--  Portland, Oregon
--  Sydney, Australia
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• Emilio Egea
• Kay Iwata
• Nia Joynson-Romanzina
• Judith H. Katz, Ed.D.

• Steve Burgon, Attorney, Ogdon, Murphy, Wallace, Seattle, Washington, USA
• Stéphane Patry, Dotation, Talents et Développement Organisationnel, Service des Ressources Humaines, Ville de Montréal, Montréal, Quebec, Canada
• Sue Hildick, President of Foundations for a Better Oregon/Chalkboard Project, Portland, Oregon, USA
UPCOMING CONFERENCES, WEBINARS, EVENTS (that are open to the public and include the GDIB)
• SIETAR USA • 18 to 21 October • San Diego, CA. 
• SHRM's D&I Conference • 23 to 25 October • San Francisco, California, USA • EPs Lorelei Carobolante and Howard Ross on the program
• Technology Changes Everything: Innovating to Include People of All Abilities in a More Diverse Workforce • Baruch College • October 26 & 27, NYC, USA • Alan Richter on the program.
• GDIB Workshops in Pakistan • 8 November • Karachi, Pakistan • Centre Board member, Zahid Mubarik leading.
• ATD Asia Pacific • 8 to 10 November • Taipei, Taiwan • EP Elisabeth Kelan presenting.
• The Conference Board Canada Conference, 11 to 12, December • Toronto, Canada. EPs Steve Hanamura, Lynda White and GDIB Co-Author Alan Richter presenting.
• Forum on Workplace Inclusion • 10 to 12, April 2018 • Minneapolis, MN, USA. Program soon to be announced.
Open to the Public Courses/Webinars offered by GDIB Expert Panelists
• Unconscious Bias courses including Train the Trainer offered by Cook Ross
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