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The Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks

2021 GDEIB Expert Panellists

Renée Yuengling, Ph.D.

Dr. Yuengling is the founding partner of Culture Point, LLC research-based and competency-driven firm working in all areas where culture affects performance. Dr. Yuengling is a globally recognized diversity and inclusion (D&I) researcher/practitioner and has worked for over 23 years with various high performance/high reliability clients in the Department of Defense as well as other federal and private sector clients. 

Yuengling’s approach to diversity and inclusion is informed by a 17-year career in the private sector as an international and investment banker. This experience formed the basis of her understanding of inclusion as performance related, as well as giving her deep understanding of the inner workings of organizations and what contributes to organizational success. 

Her groundbreaking research on the links between leadership, inclusion, and performance in organizations provides the foundation for her deep expertise in D&I theory and practice. Dr. Yuengling has published peer-reviewed research on the leadership competencies required to effectively lead a diverse workforce and how to conduct rigorous diversity analyses and development of appropriate metrics for accountability. 

She has developed D&I strategies for organizations as large as the US Army and conducted D&I assessments and interventions for a variety of public and private sector organizations. She has developed and delivered training sessions to US and international audiences on managing diversity for high performance environments, including cross-cultural communications, multi-cultural teams, and the creation of inclusive work environments. She possesses significant experience advising senior leaders on cross-cultural leadership, communication, high performance and followership issues. 

Dr. Yuengling’s philosophical approach to diversity focuses on effective management with diversity efforts strategically aligned with the mission of the organization; culturally competent leadership to ensure organizational policies, procedures, and practices support a diverse workforce; and optimized performance in an inclusive workplace where all members of the workforce can perform to their highest potential.   

Contact information:
Phone: +571 314 4671