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The Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks

2021 GDEIB Expert Panellists

Cristina Cruz-Hubbard

Cristina Cruz-Hubbard

Cristina is a mission-driven and values-focused strategist, intercultural competence, diversity, equity and inclusion (ICDEI) practitioner and leadership coach.  For over 25 years, her passion has been cultivating environments that enable deep and transformational learning across differences and empower and inspire leaders at all levels to create equitable systems and access for all.

She currently serves as the Chief Diversity Officer for Peace Corps.  Her portfolio includes developing a global strategy to integrate intercultural competence, diversity, equity and inclusion across core business functions in support of the agency’s three goals and mission to promote world peace and friendship.  Prior to this role she led the efforts to define the intersection between culture, diversity, equity and inclusion and build the capacity of staff and Volunteers in over 60 countries to work in partnership to effectively and appropriately achieve shared goals and realize the potential of individuals and communities across the globe.   

She began her ICDEI career in 1993 at the University of Minnesota and continued in a variety of roles in nonprofit, corporate, education and government settings.  These organizations include Walt Disney World Resort, Columbia University, and embassies in Peru and Senegal.

Her globally mobile family relocates internationally every four years and has endless opportunities to apply ICDEI skills across new environments and languages. Ms. Cruz-Hubbard finds she “never turns her intercultural, diversity and equity lens off” as part of an interfaith, intergenerational, multi-ability, multilingual, interracial, intercultural, and globally mobile family.  Informed by the diverse health and educational needs of her four children, she has evolving expertise in influencing health and educational systems to be inclusive of children and families with critical needs.  

In addition to being a coach and qualified administrator of several intercultural and global leadership assessment tools, she has a Bachelor of Science degree in business and is completing a Master’s degree coursework in special education. While there are days she longs for a simple life, her passion continues to draw her to the complexity of working within organizations to build integrated, sustainable ICDEI efforts driven by a comprehensive long-term strategy owned by all levels of an organization.