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The Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks

2021 GDEIB Expert Panellists

Eddie Moore, Jr.,Ph.D.

Eddie Moore, Jr.,Ph.D.

Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. has pursued and achieved success in academia, business, diversity, leadership and community service. In 1996, he started America & Moore, LLC to provide comprehensive diversity, privilege and leadership trainings and workshops. The list of his workshops include; The N!gga(er) Word, Diversity, Privilege & Leadership, White Privilege/ Supremacy 101 and Moore. Eddie is recognized as one of the nation’s top motivational speakers and educators especially for his work with students K-16. Dr. Moore’s interview with Wisconsin Public Radio won the 2015 Wisconsin Broadcasters Association's Best Interview in Medium Market Radio, 1st Place and he is featured in the film “I’m not Racist….Am I?”

He is the Founder/Program Director for the White Privilege Conference (WPC). Under the direction of Dr. Moore and his inclusive relationship model the WPC has become one of the top national and international conferences for participants who want to move beyond dialogue and into action around issues of diversity, power, privilege, & leadership.

In 2014 Dr. Moore founded The Privilege Institute which engages people in research, education, action and leadership through workshops, conferences, publications and strategic partnerships and relationships. Dr. Moore is co-founder of the on-line journal Understanding and Dismantling Privilege, Dr. Moore is co-editor of Everyday White People Confront Racial and Social Injustice: 15 Stories (Stylus), The Guide for White Women who Teach Black Boys (Corwin), The Diversity Consultant Cookbook: Preparing for the Challenge (Stylus) and the forthcoming book, Teaching Brilliant and Beautiful Black Girls (Corwin, 2020). Dr. Moore received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in Education Leadership. His Ph.D. research is on Black Football Players at Division III Schools in the Midwest.