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The Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks

2021 GDEIB Expert Panellists

Jinny Son

Jinny Son

Jinny Son is Head of HR for Global Offshore Segment in Hilti and an inclusion and change management practitioner with over 20 years of working experience. Jinny worked in Fortune 500 multinational companies across a broad range of industries including pharmaceuticals, medical device, insurance, and construction and for manufacturing organizations as well as commercial with the job scope of country, region, and global coverage. Having lived in difference countries and having worked with business leaders around the world with diverse cultural backgrounds has provided Jinny with an international perspective and experience. It has led her personally and professionally to become a strong believer of inclusion, of which the positive energy can help an individual develop higher self-confidence for his and her unique strengths and also can enhance the engagement and higher performance of people in the organizations. Jinny designs and facilitates cultural transformation journey equipped with systematic change management planning and execution in various strategic business situations like M&A, global business strategy change management, and business turnaround to build highly performing international teams and organizations of diverse nationalities and ethnics. From the HR leadership role, Jinny also implements people practices and policies including executive coaching, building of diverse talent pipelines through internal promotions and external recruiting, and corporate social responsibility programs to contribute to the society from D&I perspectives.

Jinny holds a bachelor of arts majored in French Language and Literature, and a master of arts for Broadcasting and Visual Communication. She is a native Korean and is passionate about learning culture, history, and languages. She is constantly looking for ways to contribute to the society through researching and practicing the diversity and inclusion mindset which would be meaningful to Korea and Asia societies for their historical and cultural context as a part of the global diversity. As a female corporate leader and a certified coach, Jinny coaches young generations of female business talents in Korea as a member of nation-wide female corporate leaders’ networking, Women In Innovation (WIN).