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The Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks


Meet the Co-Authors

The Centre for Global Inclusion:


  1. Encourages, conducts, and provides the results of diversity and inclusion research, learnings, and opinions from experts, practitioners, and individuals who are knowledgeable about DEI.  
  2. Offers, and encourages others to offer, free materials and free advice to individuals and organizations through a variety of vehicles, including one-on-one conversations; materials on our website – including user tools and presentation supports, meetings, events, and gatherings; and other means that add value to people.  
  3. The Centre believes in providing resources through a range of materials.Directly and through our team of 112 experts (for the GDEIB) and users, as well as the over 150 persons engaged in the futures project, The Centre gives and encourages others to give presentations, write articles, post on social media, and other ways to provide and receive information – including webinars, holding events open to the public to support learning, advancing the field, and an orientation to the future.
  4. Convenes events where leading thinkers and individuals who advocate for DEI values, come together to learn from each other and chart the course for advancing the future of diversity and inclusion. 


In addition to the work done directly by The Centre, we also help advance our mission by encouraging others to educate, conduct research, and help meet DEI goals For example several of our users are community development organizations that offer our materials to their users and their public; several others are membership organizations that do research with their members and encourage members to use it.  In many cases, we assist the primary organization and that organization supports many others.  We plan to do more of this in the future.



The Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks:  Standards for Organizations Around the World (GDEIB)

One of our main offerings is the Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks.  A copy of selected pages of the GDEIB is attached as Part IV Narrative Description of Your Activities Project One Attachment A Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks.  The full document is available for free download at  Go to Downloads and you will see it there.

The report is organized into 15 categories identifying levels of achievement and individual benchmarks (there are a total of 198 in the desired levels 3, 4, and 5), which range from inactive to best practices, and is paired with useful tools to make it a living/working document for users.  Developed in 2006 by Julie O’Mara and Alan Richter with the assistance of 47 experts from around the world, it was initially based on research conducted by the Tennessee Valley Authority.  It was published and disseminated as a free downloadable document/report. Permission was granted by TVA to use the work, globalize and update it, and disseminate it.  First distributed by email, it later was available through many websites.  It has always been free.  Starting in July 2017 The Centre assumed responsibility for maintaining and disseminating the GDEIB. It is downloadable at as well as available on several other websites  The GDEIB provides a means of measurement, a strategic planning tool, and a set of actions that may be taken at an organizational and individual level, to do good diversity work.       

The GDEIB has been significantly updated three times, with another significant research update planned for publication by The Centre in 2021.  For each update, additional Expert Panelists have contributed, bringing their individual expertise to our research to ensure that the GDEIB is current and includes what experts consider the world’s best practices. Care is taken to ensure that the GDEIB is useable across various approaches to DEI, sectors, sizes, and dimensions of diversity, including being meaningful to individuals with an interest in DEI.  It is available in English, Portuguese, and French, with a Spanish translation underway.  Additionally, we support organizations customizing or adapting the GDEIB.  One example is a customized edition, which was developed in partnership with ACPA – College Student Educators International.  The ACPA has made this edition available to all educators around the world, whether or not they are members of ACPA.  Permission to use all editions of the GDEIB is required and signers of the permission agreement are tracked; however, given the easy access to the document online, it is assumed that many more are using or citing the GDEIB without permission.  A copy of the User Agreement is attached as Part IX Narrative Description of Your Activities Project One Attachment B Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks Permission Agreement.

Users by Sector

As of July 2019, we estimate that many thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of individuals and organizations around the world benefit from the use of the GDEIB and The Centre projects.  Future plans include significant expansion to hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations benefiting from our projects. The below chart shows the percentage of users by sector.  We are proud of the variety of organizations using the GDEIB.

User by Sectors: Education: 14% Healthcare: 6% Nonprofits: 12% Government: 13% Consulting Firms: 5% Independent Consultants: 13% Students, Researchers: 6% Large Corporations: 17% Medium & Small Companies: 6% Finance: 7% Military: 1%