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Quotes from Expert Panellists and Users

What Users Say



“The GDIB is a practical guide for leaders across a variety of business functions looking for behaviorally explicit answers to the question “What do you want me to do?” It is an excellent resource for leaders well beyond Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion practitioners.”

Nadia Younes

Global Head, Employee Experience,
D&I, and Wellbeing Zurich Insurance
Zurich, Switzerland


“The GDIB is a powerful enabler of strategic conversations and an effective planning tool to create an inclusive culture in organizations. It empowers practitioners and leaders to see the broader landscape and potential impact of D&I on the bottom line. Its focus on staff, government, and community and the recent addition of the sustainability category make it work brilliantly as a multi-stakeholder mapping tool for sustainability in D&I strategies.”

Nene Molefi

Managing Director, Mandate Molefi
Johannesburg, South Africa

“One of the great things of the new version of the GDIB is that it integrates a category on Sustainability. It helps to build synergies within the organization and keep efforts aligned. The GDIB can be a great roadmap to build a culture of inclusion. It can guide you when you think you have lost the way or the priorities or purpose in terms of D&I in your organization. It is a partner in making your way to inclusive cultures.”

Shirley Saenz

Cross-Cultural and Diversity Trainer &
Advisor, Director of Iceberg Cultures of Inclusion
Buenos Aires , Argentina

“The GDIB is a remarkably valuable tool, not only because it provides an extraordinary collection of information, strategies, initiatives, and measurable results, but also because the very way it was created epitomizes the value of diversity and inclusion in the greatest sense: the collective mind of the many being far more valuable than the individual thoughts of a few. Bravo…and thank you!”

Howard Ross, Author

Co-Founder Udarta Consulting
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

“Nous utilisons le GDIB pour ajuster et réviser notre stratégie pour la diversité, l’équité et l’inclusion. La simplicité de l’outil et son côté pratique nous permettent de sensibiliser des groupes d’employés syndiqués et cadres aux bonnes pratiques et d’explorer des pistes d’action avec eux. Ces échanges nous servent à cibler de nouvelles mesures qui permettent à la Ville de progresser vers ses objectifs.”

“We are using the GDIB to adjust and revise our strategy for diversity, equity and inclusion. This tool’s simplicity and practicality helps us raise awareness of both management and unionized employees with regard to the best practices as well as to explore new courses of action. The ensuing exchange of information allows us to target new measures that will enable the City to advance in its goals.”

“Thank you for creating the GDIB which helped me with our strategic plan.”

Terry Hogan

Global Head of Diversity and Talent Management Citi Bank
New York, New York, USA

“Diversity and inclusion are core values of the NBA. The Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks have been an invaluable contribution to our Playbook as we work to further integrate D&I into our efforts across all of our leagues and at each of our teams. The GDIB provides a clear view for each enterprise to see where it is currently on the continuum and what to work on to improve and reach the next level.”

Oris Stuart

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer NBA
New York, NY, USA

“The GDIB spells out what good, better, and best work is. It readily frames where an organization can focus its capabilities.”

Ralph de Chabert

Senior Vice-President, Global Chief
Diversity Officer, Brown-Forman Corporation
Louisville, Kentucky, USA

“For the past six years, I have used the GDIB to establish a baseline of organizational performance in diversity recruitment, hiring and retention in higher ed and not for profits. I have used a variety of assessments, but I find that the GDIB is the most reliable predictor of the true lived experience of minoritized individuals within these workspaces.”

Dr. Cynthia H. Love, ED.D

Executive Director, Out for Undergrad (O4U)
Abilene, Texas, USA

“We are using and adapting the GDIB for assessments and competencies with schools, municipalities and businesses. The GDIB allows us to blend a business model for D&I work combined with an educational focus to impact systems. The benchmarks provide ways to clearly articulate desired mindset and behavioral changes that support people to build and sustain systems of inclusion.”

Bill de la Cruz

Thought Leader for Inclusion and Belonging De la Cruz Solutions
Portland, Oregon, USA

“The GDIB provides DEI practitioners and leaders with a valuable framework to create diverse and inclusive organizations. At MassMutual, we have used the GDIB as a guidepost for more than a decade as we continue to elevate our game and evolve our D&I strategy.”

Lorie Valle-Yañez

Head of Diversity & Inclusion MassMutual
Springfield, Massachusetts, USA


“The GDIB helps organizations get past the superficial trap of the Four Fs: Food, Fun, Fiesta, and Fetish, to be able to realize a more holistic, meaningful, and professional D&I strategy.”

Jason D. Mak

Diversity & Inclusion Manager Director’s Office;
Equity & Multicultural Services Oregon Department of Human Services
Salem, Oregon, USA

“One of the most important elements of a truly inclusive culture is valuing a wide range of experiences and approaches. We know that you get better outcomes, at work and in life, from having a wide perspective. So, when designing strategies and plans to strengthen diversity inclusion, tapping into the experiences of what others are doing is incredibly important. The Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks published by the Centre for Global Inclusion is a valuable reference that brings together input from experts from around the world. It’s a thoughtful, thorough resource that prompts new ideas and helps to ensure that solutions are built for impact.”

Cheryl Fullerton

EVP People and Communications
Corus Entertainment
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


“The GDIB forces organizations to think more broadly about the D&I agenda and provides realistic assessments for how they are faring. It’s an incredible tool to teach new practitioners about the work of D&I and a valuable assessment for any organization truly committed to D&I.”

Livia Konkel

VP, Diversity & Inclusion Wells Fargo
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

“The Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks continues to be a tremendous asset for guiding our DEI work. The standards provide a comprehensive framework to benchmark our DEI progress – identifying gaps and guiding our strategic action planning. The benchmarking process brings together, senior leadership, staff and stakeholders from across our organization, providing yet another opportunity to demonstrate that DEI is everyone’s responsibility, and everyone has a role to play in defining and determining our progressive journey towards positive outcomes.”

Karen Francis

Director, Diversity and Inclusion
American Institutes for Research
Washington DC, USA

“The GDIB is the most comprehensive tool I have found that provides practices, policies and actions to create a truly inclusive environment. It helps measure the D&I work currently being done to the highest levels of diversity work in institutions around the world.”

Kelli McLoud-Schingen

KMS Intercultural Consulting
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

“Diversity and inclusion encompass so many different dimensions and elements that there is a great need to provide proven standards and requirements that can clarify what D&I means in practice. The GDIB fills this need brilliantly and advances the whole D&I field.”

Steve Piersanti

President, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Oakland, California, USA

"The GDIB has been created and updated through a systematic and rigorous consensus of D&I experts. It is the product of an intensive research process where the viewpoints of a significantly diverse group of experts many of whom approached D&I work in very different ways — came to agreement on the outcomes that are needed. Modeling both diversity and inclusion throughout this process reminded us that while this work can be challenging, it is also hugely rewarding."

Duncan Smith

ADC Associates
Melbourne, Australia